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We turn to CivicScience for answers we can't quickly get anywhere else and when we need to know the 'right-now' mindset and intentions of consumers - to help us deliver better content and products.

VP of consumer research for a major media company.

Our ad sales team relies on CivicScience's rich audience intelligence to identify new potential clients, strengthen pitches, and provide value-added insights to key advertisers. They have become a crucial part of our sales process.

CEO of major blog network.

CivicScience helps us achieve rapid speed in knowing the current consumer pulse and understanding those who react better to certain marketing offers. We can thoroughly track consumer pain points and bring more successful solutions to the market.

Director of consumer insights for a tech brand.

CivicScience adds a level of depth and speed of insight about our audience that we simply can't get from other analytics and audience measurement tools we use.

Producer and publisher, major online media site.

With CivicScience, we get the best of both worlds: the speed and customization of primary research plus the scope of knowing the consumer through secondary research - but without the massive expense.

VP of insights for a media sales company.

CivicScience is our go-to solution for early and fast consumer trend intelligence and for helping us with future product innovation planning.

Global insights manager for a consumer goods manufacturer.

Beyond Facebook: Profiling Active Users of Next-Tier Social Media to Drive Smarter Marketing
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