With inflation and supply chain issues at all-time highs, CivicScience data has continued to show increasing consumer concern. These market conditions, including rising gas prices, have consumers changing their shopping behaviors and anticipating different budgets among many categories of spending. See three key insights from each category of our latest CPG industry report below.

  • Market Trends: With inflation soaring, U.S. adults anticipate they’ll spend more on groceries, personal care, and household items. What’s more: Price sensitivity is at an all-time high since January 2020.
  • Shopper Traits & Trends: Market conditions appear to have impacted consumers’ position on purchasing environmentally friendly products.
  • Brand Sentiment: Nearly a third of U.S. adults consider themselves very loyal to their favorite brands. 

Traits of those who self-report to be VERY LOYAL:
• Generally healthy
• Environmentally conscious
• Manage their money well
• Netflix users
• Recyclers

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