In the wake of spiking coronavirus cases nationwide, rumblings of a second round of lockdowns can be heard everywhere, particularly after California’s regional closures

CivicScience polling between Nov. 13 and Dec. 8 shows 71% of U.S. adults would support a return to lockdowns in their region.

And ongoing tracking shows support for a second round of lockdowns at the highest it has been since initial polling began in June.

Support comes almost equally from all regions too, even with the strict measures seen on the West Coast, but the partisan divide is still extremely stark.

The last time Americans faced lockdowns, people hit the stores to stock up on food and household essentials before hunkering down.Among those who support the reinstatement of lockdowns, more than half plan to start (or continue) stockpiling again.

How will all of this affect the impending holiday season? It doesn’t appear to change how some Americans envision spending the winter holidays. Those expecting this year to look a lot different than years past over-index in likelihood to support a second round of lockdowns. Those expecting their traditions to stay the same show significantly more opposition to lockdowns.

As decisions are made and restrictions are rolled out across states and localities, CivicScience will continue to track sentiment and how it’s impacting consumers and businesses. Stay tuned for an in-depth report next week.