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Consumer Insights Through the Windshield, Not the Rearview Mirror

ARF 2014 Paper

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What You'll Receive

This CivicScience paper was among the top 10 selected for the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) ReThink conference in 2014. We examine whether the expectations of astute consumers – based on other inputs, like the opinions they hear from friends, family, and colleagues; media and content they consume; and/or their overall expertise in a given subject – can be a reliable judge of an asset’s future consumption and popularity.

Learn How Consumers' Expectations Can Help Predict:

  • Successful new product development
  • Opening weekend box office success
  • Weekly TV viewership
  • The Academy Awards

Authored by CivicScience’s data science team, in partnership with advisors including:  Dr. Jason Snyder, UCLA Anderson School of Management; Dr. Lamar Pierce, Washington University of St. Louis; Dr. David Rothschild, Microsoft Research; Dr. Miroslav Dudik, Microsoft Research; Dr. Deepak Pathak, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur