Public health experts have been discussing a potential fourth wave of COVID-19 for a few weeks. Last week, Colorado state officials declared that the state is already experiencing a spike in cases though it is expected to be lower relative to past waves. Overall, Americans’ concern about being in public spaces remained relatively flat week over week. Severity of concern did however soften a bit. This week, 14% more people reported that they are ‘somewhat concerned’ while there was a simultaneous 35% decrease in people reporting they’re ‘very concerned.’

We continue to observe a decrease in the percentage of people who expect to practice public health measures for social distancing and self-isolation for more than six months into the future. 

Overall, comfort returning to normal activities climbed this week. Comfort shopping in stores right now increased week over week. Two-thirds of U.S. adults say they are comfortable shopping in stores right now.

Comfort levels dining out partially recovered in the past week. In fact, over half of all U.S. adults are comfortable going out to eat at restaurants right now

Ahead of spring and summer travel season, people are feeling increasingly comfortable traveling in general or going on a vacation. Week over week, travel comfort increased by 5 percentage points reaching a new high of 44% of people who say they’d be OK to travel somewhere right now. 

Comfort levels leaving home are up in general but so is comfort traveling by plane. Intent to travel by plane in the next 30 days also increased this week (from 16% to 19%).

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