About one month ago, in the week of March 20, CivicScience’s COVID Comfort Index reached a six-month high point, a new zenith following three straight months of strong post-holiday improvement. There was every reason to believe that comfort with everyday ventures would only continue to grow in the spring.

Now, three readings later, Americans’ comfort with day-to-day activities amid the pandemic is stalled out in almost the exact same place it was a month ago. The percentage of U.S. adults comfortable with working stubbornly refuses to rise above the 69% mark. Comfort levels with going to the movies, traveling, and attending big events are all stuck at just under 60% of Americans. A quarter of the population is still holding out on going back to retail stores.

With the U.S. currently experiencing a relatively low number of cases and deaths in April compared to the numbers just a few months ago, per the CDC, will comfort with being in public rise? Or will some Americans remain leery of being out and about? Keep up with our COVID Check-In infographic to keep getting the latest numbers.

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