As the vaccination effort continues across the country, coronavirus cases have been on a decline. In the past two weeks, cases are down 16% and the public seems to be reacting to the change. CivicScience data show that Americans’ concern about being in public spaces is at the lowest observed percentage since tracking began. Right now, 4 in 10 U.S. adults say they’re “not at all concerned” about being in public spaces. Still, it’s important to note that 62% of people still have some level of concern.  Only 18% are “very concerned.”

More and more eligible adults continue to receive the vaccine every day. However, the percentage of adults who report that they will not get the vaccine at all increased slightly over the last two weeks (from 15% to 18%).

As CivicScience reported last week, about half of those who have been vaccinated report they have begun to spend time indoors with other vaccinated people from outside of their households. Further research shows us that people ages 30 to 44 are the most likely to be doing so right now. Older adults (ages 65+) are more likely to say they’re going to wait a while longer before seeing others indoors.  

Shopping, Dining, Travel 

All of this is good news for the entertainment, retail, travel, and hospitality industries. For the third week in a row, consumers’ comfort with shopping in stores increased. Nearly three-fourths of U.S. adults say they’re comfortable going to stores (for items other than groceries) right now. 

While less than comfort shopping in stores, more than 60% of consumers say they’d be comfortable going to eat at restaurants right now. 

Travel may be on the horizon for a lot of people, too. In the past week, significantly more consumers reported that they will be comfortable traveling in two to four months and 42% say they’re comfortable traveling now.  Only one-fourth say they won’t feel safe traveling anywhere for six months or more.

Airlines may continue to benefit from this more considering intent to travel in the next month increased this week for both airplane travel and non-airplane travel.

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