The option to round up at checkout for charity feels increasingly more common these days, especially during the holiday season when retailers are heavily trafficked. What can stores expect this holiday? CivicScience data show that the percentage of people who say they always round up at checkout is only on a slight decline (10%) from the last time the poll was pulsed in April (11%). The slight dip overall is no surprise considering the recent decline of consumer financial health due to inflation and other economic factors. On the other hand, it may be more surprising that it hasn’t gone down more than it has.

According to the latest data, those who say they always round up at checkout are unsurprisingly the least concerned about inflation right now — twice that of people who say they don’t round up. Nearly 60% of those who don’t round up deem themselves very concerned about inflation right now. So while the overall number of people who round up or down is generally unchanged, it’s clear that those the most concerned about inflation are the most likely not to be doing so.

Additional data found that shoppers who say they always round up are much more likely to report they’re in a better place financially than they were before the pandemic, further highlighting the growing divide of the haves and have- nots in the U.S.

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