Part One of CivicScience’s State of Cannabis report covered smoking frequency, type, method, and key demographics. The second part of our report takes a look at coronavirus concern, healthy eating, and snacking habits. 

Coronavirus and cannabis

Nothing in this world right now can be seen without taking a glimpse at the coronavirus. And cannabis users, in this regard, are living up to the “peace, love, and happiness” stereotype, in a big way.

People who use cannabis are much more concerned with spreading the virus to others than people who don’t use cannabis. On the flip side, people who don’t use marijuana are more concerned with getting the virus themselves. “Puff, puff, pass” has probably been replaced with “puff, puff, get your own because we really shouldn’t be sharing this joint right now, dude.”

Food, both healthy and otherwise

Nearly 40% of people who say they’ve been spending “a lot more” money on healthy food during the pandemic also count themselves as cannabis users.

And that healthy food trend looks poised to continue post-coronavirus, with 27% of people who say they will continue to spend more money on healthy food also saying they are cannabis users. 

But it’s not just health food cannabis users say they’ll be spending more on. Much like the questions above, 37% of people who say they’ll spend more money on snack food post-pandemic also count themselves as marijuana fans.

Lastly on the food front, let’s put a stereotype to bed: Cannabis users are only slightly more likely than non-cannabis users to have a favorable view of Doritos. 

Clearly, the cannabis choo-choo has left the station. Sixteen percent of American adults use cannabis, and another 1 in 8 probably do, but prefer not to say. Once cannabis reaches alcohol-like levels of acceptance, the marketing opportunities are going to abound. Clearly, food and beverage operations should be figuring this out right now.