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Audience Measurement

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CivicScience provides a real-time polling and consumer insights platform to deliver unprecedented insights about audiences for media organizations. Whether used by our Publishing partners who run our polls, or by media content companies who are responsible for significant promotional budgets, CivicScience delivers reliable, cost-effective data to help with audience measurement, segmentation, and forecasting.

Here are just some of the CivicScience-generated insights that are possible to help publisher partners and media executives with audience measurement:

  • Strengthen predictive data on expected audience size — for TV, movies, or other content.
  • Monitor audience reaction immediately – and be alerted to changes over time.
  • Learn and report on the effectiveness of advertiser campaigns that the audience is exposed to.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of different audience segments, and what is most likely to resonate better with each group.
  • Get a realistic view of media consumption practices and preferences: how, where, how often, with who else, devices, cord-cutting intentions, etc.
  • Cross-tabulate audience segments against any number of syndicated questions in the InsightStore™, to find unexpected insights that can feed into the development of new ideas for products or content offerings.


The Speed of “Now” for Actionable Audience Insights & Measurement

Check out a real-world example of using our platform: Forecasting audiences for shows announced at 2015 TV Upfronts, where only several weeks after the fall TV Upfronts were announced, we were able to show forecasts for expected audiences for over a dozen planned shows!

With the amount of media consumption options available to audiences today, more players competing for attention, and the infiltration and constant interruption of personal tech devices, any advantage that marketers can gain to improve their audience is coveted.

CivicScience works closely with our customers to develop the best combination of our platform, custom research questions, and audience reporting to give them unprecedented audience intelligence.

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