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Campaign Forecasting and Evaluation

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Our customers no longer need to wait weeks for sales data or rely on crude metrics like display-ad clicks to measure their marketing campaign effectiveness and brand lift. Marketers and their agencies can obtain Campaign Forecasting and Evaluation insights that allow them to understand their own advertising effectiveness and even that of their competitors using instant consumer feedback and looking at trends each day as the weeks and months pass.

Leading consumer brands and research agencies use CivicScience to help know when to “double down” on campaigns that are working the best or adjust creative or placement before it’s too late.

By using the InsightStore™ to help with marketing campaign forecasting and evaluation, our customers can:

  • Test the potential effectiveness of an unlaunched promotion or campaign concept – How do different consumer segments react?
  • Track the movement of existing campaigns – Is it effective? Is it memorable?
  • Track the campaign impact of competitors – How do my competitors’ campaigns stack up to mine?
  • Develop campaign scorecards – See how campaigns score over time and against other campaigns.
  • Identify the consumer segments where the campaigns are the most and least effective.
  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness relative to media type or channel.

Multi-Dimensional Campaign Planning

The team at CivicScience has some best practices to help our clients better plan for effective campaigns. By deploying a series of custom polling questions, marketers can evaluate things like: awareness, offer novelty, interest level, intent-to-consume, and more – for any existing or planned campaign. Our platform makes it easy to compare results across different segments. Campaign metrics can then compare to a large and growing index of similarly-tested campaigns, tracked over time, and more deeply analyze the data to understand the “who” and the “why” of the campaign’s performance.

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