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Competitive Monitoring

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Competitive monitoring and research is among the most common and coveted uses of our platform. Leading marketers use our ground-breaking technology, automated data science, and real-time speed to see competitor brand or campaign impact the moment it happens and use our rich, in-depth insights to conduct strategic, “right-now” competitive analysis.

Competitive Insights – Accessible Every Day

Combining our syndicated brand data and custom research questions, our clients can track dozens of competitive brands under one roof, with features that let marketers and their research teams dig deeper to analyze which consumer segments are driving brand lift, why their attitudes are shifting, and insights that can help. Our solution allows for custom tracking reports, score-carding, and real-time alerts that tell marketers everything they need to know, when they need to know it.

Examples of how we help brands more quickly and intelligently analyze the competitive landscape:

  • Set up a Competitor Dashboard to track competitor brand sentiment over time and relative scores in one central, at-a-glance place. Schedule notifications to be sent to your inbox to provide regular updates on this information.
  • Create custom questions to track awareness and reaction to competitors’ marketing campaigns or new product offerings.
  • Create a segment of your biggest fans and quickly compare them to those of your competitors.
  • Create a segment that identifies and profiles your competitors’ most at-risk customers and likely switchers. Quickly learn as much about them as possible, thanks to our ability to study the “whole consumer.”
  • Share these competitive insights across your research and marketing projects, and even across departments, to get everyone on the same page.
  • and more…

Keeping a real-time pulse on the competition is a major concern for marketing leaders and PR teams. CivicScience makes it easy, with valid, representative, and timely consumer data that is “always on” and always listening.

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