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Social media tools and customer panels can tell marketers what their “super fans” and influencers are thinking and doing. But what about the huge group of people you don’t hear from?

With CivicScience, the dream of actionable segmentation and micro-segmentation becomes a reality with an easy-to-use platform for discovering truly meaningful consumer differences that help shape strategic marketing decisions.

‘Millennials’: The Poster Child of Segmentation Pitfalls

One of our favorite examples that bring this solution to life is the obsession with Millennials (and fast on their heels, Generation Z). Millennials are defined purely based on a demographic: age. But that doesn’t mean that as a collective consumer bunch, they all think and behave the same way.

Instead, we can use data in the InsightStore™ to define and study a new segment called “Market Mavens” using non-demographic criteria. Let’s identify them as people who have said they tend to try new products before others (early adoption) and have said they like to tell others about their product opinions (evangelizers). Demographically speaking, Market Mavens look pretty similar to the general U.S. population in terms of age, gender, income, residential location, and education levels. And Millennials – today’s most coveted group – only make up 28% of Market Mavens. In fact, 65% of Market Mavens are over age 35. (Read our analysis of Market Mavens vs. Millennials published in AdWeek in June 2015.) Many marketers would probably care just as much, if not more, about capturing the loyalty of Market Mavens, and to do that, you need to properly segment them in order to understand them.

Micro-Segmentation Made Easy

Do you know who your “persuadables” are – those most likely to become customers who aren’t yet? Do you know which of your competitors’ customers are within closest reach? Do you know who is thinking of switching from your brand to another, or possibly leaving your category altogether?

Combining our platform with our expert team of analysts, micro-segmentation can be accomplished in just a few steps:

  1. First, use any available response attributes to identify your segment(s) – they can be broadly defined or more specific, such as:
    • Your brand loyalists
    • You brand loyalists who are young women with healthy lifestyles
    • Your at-risk customers or your competitor’s at-risk customers
    • At-risk customers with a passion for a certain product category or issue
  2. Next, determine other segment(s) that are of interest to compare them to.
  3. Then, reporting we do against thousands of consumer attributes in the InsightStore™ builds rich, deep profiles of them and how they compare to your other segments of interest and to the general population. What do we look at? Everything from:
    • Demographics
    • Shopping and Market Maven Attributes
    • Personal Finances and Price Sensitivity
    • Media Consumption, TV Viewing, Tech Usages, and Social Media
    • Lifestyle Attributes, including Health, Environmentalism, Charitable Giving
    • Sports Fandom
    • Brand Fandom
    • And more, including any Custom Research questions
  4. If desired, target your segments with specific (custom) questions to test and validate marketing tactics, such as marketing and promotional concepts, advertising messaging ideas, or product innovation ideas.

The CivicScience professional in-house data science team works closely with our customers to understand the micro-segmentation goals, results, help with reporting on the data, and dig even further when desired.

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