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Big dollars are at stake in partnerships. Many consumer brands invest heavily in the selection and launch of new licensing partnerships and celebrity spokesperson endorsement deals, and they certainly use some level of market research data to help inform those decisions. However, the answers to key questions (like the ones below) are more difficult to obtain.

How well do fans of your brand and your partner align, and is the partnership truly helping you?
What are the niche partnership opportunities that you might not even be thinking about today?
Which celebrity spokespersons have a higher like-ability ranking among your most persuadable customers?

With the high-stakes and unforeseen risks often associated with marketing partnerships and celebrity personalities, getting more meaningful insights into what will resonate best with your ideal targets is a coveted solution.

That’s where CivicScience’s innovative, unique insights come in. We can deliver the level of deep and rapid insights needed to:

  • Select the right licensee partner or celebrity spokesperson: Let the consumers be the guide. Identify which brands, teams, celebrities, etc. rank higher among your biggest fans and customers, your most likely persuadable consumers, and your competition’s fans. Also know who ranks among your biggest detractors. Find “niche” brand partner candidates or celebrity favorites that rank highly among specific segments but were never researched previously.
  • Test the market quickly: Use our platform’s custom, agile research capabilities to rapidly find out which potential decisions are favored over others, and how your targets react to the selection – before you launch.
  • Track the partnership investment: The ongoing collection by our “always on” InsightStore™ allows you to track the market’s reaction to the partnership campaign. With CivicScience, marketers see not just the answers to questions, but can dig in deeper to find out the profiles of consumer segments who are reacting more negatively or favorably, and what might be driving those opinions.
  • Measure the impact of partner controversy “in the news”:  Think Lumber Liquidators. Paula Deen. Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Chic-Fil-A. General Motors. Those all represent recent cases of PR crisis management. When consumer brands or celebrities make controversial comments or business decisions that generate largely negative press and social media noise, this can have a significant impact on partnership deals. A knee-jerk reaction may be to reduce or eliminate the campaign’s visibility (and in extreme cases, to cancel the contract), but that may not always be a necessary decision – and in fact, can be harmful. Whether the partner or endorser’s stock is up or down, the CivicScience InsightStore™ allows marketing decision-makers to more reliably see the impact of those changes on the consumer segments that matter most to them.

With a subscription to our platform and the custom, agile research capabilities of our analyst team, CivicScience gives marketing teams more meaningful and timely data to make confident decisions for licensee partnerships and celebrity endorsement choices.

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