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Civic Science at Work: Use Cases for Our Real-Time, Deep Consumer Insights

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CivicScience combines the real-time, always-on nature of our intelligent polling platform with the burgeoning field of Expectation Science to help brand marketers and product development executives predict the success of new products and product features.

As an emerging use case among our Fortune 1000 clients, CivicScience’s customers work with our our expert services team to formulate and deliver customized “prediction” questions to a targeted group or groups of known adept predictors in their relevant subject area.

Questions like these…

  • “Which of these products do you think will sell the best over the next year?”
  • “How popular do you think a product with Feature X will become over the next year?”
  • “Based on what you have seen or heard, will this TV show get more or less popular?”

… can be compared across multiple products and features. The custom research results can be indexed against syndicated product-related insights in the InsightStore™ to inform new product design, product extensions, and strategic planning.

CivicScience works with our clients to craft the appropriate questions and identify the ideal consumer predictor segment. Results are immediately available as responses are collected, and full C-level-ready comparative reports can be produced in a week or less.

Recognized by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)

In 2014, our work in this area was recognized as a “top 10 paper” at the ARF’s ReThink conference. Read the paper describing our methodology authored in collaboration with a team of leading adverting academics for the ARF.

Interested in being an innovator in forward-looking research? We’d love to work with you. Contact us to explore use case possibilities, or request a demo.

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