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While there are many solutions and tools out there to help researchers, marketers, and communications teams, and even the news media conduct “real-time” polling, the ability to get an answer to a question quickly is the CivicScience difference.

But whether that answer is representative, methodically collected and reported on, and reliable are bigger hurdles. Social media audiences have inherent biases; just because there’s a lot of noise being made doesn’t mean crucial business decisions should be based on that data. And quick-hit polls may not follow a trustworthy sample and collection protocol.

Getting the right answer fast is better for your business.

Reactive Research You Can Trust

Rapidly deployed custom research questions through the InsightStore™ are posed to a representative sample of the U.S. population, based on age and gender breakdowns of the latest Census figures. Our trusted methodology has helped many of our Fortune 1000 clients in the midst of urgent business situations make big decisions based on current consumer opinions.

Using the InsightStore™, marketers, researchers, PR teams, and public affairs professionals benefit from timely, meaningful insights into the minds of the public:

  • Deploying quick-turn custom research questions to support today’s pressing marketing priorities.
  • Monitoring consumer or public reaction to a PR announcement or crisis, drawn from a representative respondent base.
  • Get deeper insights about consumers grouped by their sentiment or response, by studying other attributes collected about them.
  • Using consumer insights to evaluate or even predict the impact of an announcement or crisis.
  • Real-time public opinion research that gauges awareness, opinions, or feelings about a new candidate, policy, issue, or other item – and digging deeper to see how various segments differ, what else they care about, and what influences them.

Do your loyal customers or fans feel differently than everyone else?

A common situation that one of our customers recently found themselves in was negative press for their brand – and the social media chatter was raising alarms for them internally. Instead, they posed a sentiment question via the InsightStore™ and found that among their fans, the negative press did not affect their perception of the brand.

Additional value that the CivicScience brings is the ability to further explore the profile of respondents. It’s crucial to understand who is answering in what way, why, and what else they care about. We connect the dots, not only telling you what they just answered but also what else they answered from our library of thousands of questions. And we help aggregate these anonymous respondent populations into meaningful segments, so that decision makers can more intelligently interpret the data and determine next steps.

CivicScience is excited to discuss the needs that marketers, the media, and public affairs teams have in this area.

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