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One of the most common use cases for the CivicScience platform is to provide a view into what consumers think about a certain topic or brand, and to provide that information in both real time and as a trended, comparative view over time. Because our platform is “always listening” and capturing responses every second of every day, poll questions about sentiment let our subscribers identify changes to sentiment sooner and probe further into those consumer segments whose views are changing.

A variety of sentiment types can be tracked in CivicScience, including:

  • How consumers feel about your brand
  • How they feel about a particular product, service, or overall category
  • Their impressions of a new advertising campaign or promotional offer
  • Sentiment towards competitors
  • How they come down on a particular social or political issue – and learning more about segments that feel a particular way
  • How they feel about a competitor’s brand, offering and/or campaign
  • Crisis reaction: Reaction to a negative news story or issue
  • And more

CivicScience consumer insight trends

Sentiment can be studied through syndicated questions available to all subscription clients as well as with custom sentiment questions that only that client can access. Additional features allow users to create their own sentiment “scores” and develop scorecards and trackers on the questions they care most about.

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