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When you ask over 1,000 questions, a few questions at a time, to a massive audience of hundreds of thousands of consumers each day (like we do), you are going to get as close to a 360-degree image of consumers as possible. And since we are doing most of the work for you, InsightStore™ subscribers simply cast their line into this “river” of consumer intel and catch the benefits.

What does it mean to get a more holistic view of the consumer?

It means knowing significantly more about them than you could have expected and that you can get from other methods – and without breaking the bank to acquire the information. Take these two topic examples, showing just a few of the insights that we pulled out of our syndicated data in 2015:

Daily Drinkers of Nutritional Beverage Products

38% are Millennials or younger, but they are also 25% more likely to be aged 65+. 38% more likely to be Male. 176% more likely to say health and fitness is a passion of theirs. 57% more likely to buy organic food and to choose healthy snacks. 75% more likely to follow food & cooking trends and more closely follow music trends than average. 33% more likely to read political websites daily. 30% more likely to visit YouTube daily. 40% more likely to use Snapchat daily. They are less patient than average, being 46% more likely to only wait in lines for 5 minutes max before leaving.

Fans of Home Automation Technology

More likely to live in the suburbs. 49% are interested in ‘smart’ home security. Those interested in smart audio systems are 90% more likely to be cat owners. Those who are interested in buying smartphone-enabled outlets and switches are 70% more likely to be dog owners. Automated lighting is more likely preferred by 18-34 year olds, as well as those with multi-pet households. Automated climate control products are more favored by women; by those who like to tell others about new technology; and by those who see their personal finance situation improving in the next 6 months.

Those insights shown above only scratch the surface of what we can learn about just those types of consumers as specified, and this use for the InsightStore™ is prized by our Fortune 1000 clients and partners. You simply can’t get this level of knowledge from traditional surveys, panels, or social media listening.

How do we capture so much depth and breadth? It’s all in our methodology. As people answer our polls hosted by any online site or mobile app, we track them and append all their answers across separate sessions to an anonymous profile in our system. Any respondent answers any mix of questions that are active that day. That information gets aggregated in near-real-time to find meaningful patterns, trends, and insights that stand out. The InsightStore™ is where our users go to view, explore, and analyze that intelligence.

Find out more about how you can take advantage of the depth and breadth of insights we have on consumer groups, and learn more about them than ever thought possible.  Learn more about additional use cases or request a personal demo to better understand the variety of use cases your subscription can support.

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