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Assessing the Validity of CivicScience Data for Brand Measurement

Learn more about using CivicScience data for brand marketing measurement purposes.

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What You'll Get:

In this study that was sponsored by leading market research agency The NPD Group, Inc. and conducted by Joel Rubinson, president of Rubinson Partners, you'll read a detailed examination of CivicScience's approach to gathering consumer research data via distributed, web-based polling applications.

In this 15-page analysis, available with permission from Mr. Rubinson and The NPD Group, CivicScience was evaluated on a series of data quality questions across three product categories for which market share and demographics of purchasers are known. It was concluded that CivicScience data can be validly and reliably used for brand marketing measurement purposes.

About the Author:

Joel Rubinson is president of consulting firm Rubinson Partners and faculty member of the NYU Stern School of Business. He is formerly the Chief Research Officer of the ARF (Advertising Research Foundation), and remains a frequent contributor of thought leadership content to the industry.