Every week, CivicScience continually tracks current and anticipated consumer trends. Here are three key insights marketers should know this week:

1. Most Americans are sticking to their New Year’s resolutions — at least partially.

A few weeks into 2023, 79% of Americans say they are sticking to their resolutions, although just over half of those consumers admit they’re only ‘partially’ committed to their resolutions. On the other end, one-fifth have already given up on their 2023 goals.

Data show that younger adults (18-34) and women are slightly more likely to say they have only partially stuck to their resolutions so far this year.

2. Anticipated restaurant spending reaches a high not seen since May 2022.

Even though improving food and diet is a top priority for those with New Year’s resolutions, nearly 1-in-4 consumers expect to increase spending at restaurants over the next month, the highest level recorded since May of last year. Anticipated spending has also increased slightly for bars since the end of December.

Similarly, data also show that plans to eat at a restaurant have been on the rise over the last few weeks among the general population — details available in the full report below.

3. More than three-quarters of consumers are concerned about credit card fraud.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, credit card fraud is rising. Recent CivicScience polling shows that 78% of consumers are concerned about having their credit or debit card information stolen while shopping in person. An even greater percentage are worried about card fraud while shopping online (83%). Even though the majority of consumers express concerns about credit card fraud, January data show that most consumers aren’t convinced to pay for identity theft protection.

In other findings, those who are ‘very concerned’ about credit card fraud are more than 10 percentage points more likely to use cash or checks when making purchases. Want to see more insights like these? Our clients receive the full version of this weekly report — work with us.