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Our enterprise software portal, the InsightStore™, combines a proprietary survey methodology with advanced data mining technology to produce deep, reliable, and real-time consumer insights.

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We’re a mission-driven company

CivicScience provides a foundational source of truth to drive positive impact for humanity, brands, and media.

External Methodology Assessment

CivicScience is a next-generation polling and market intelligence company. Through a proprietary, scientifically-valid online survey methodology, we are fundamentally changing the way brands, media outlets, and investors gather and implement consumer research. Our methodology and data quality have been extensively tested and validated by leading experts in academia, industry, and economics.

For a detailed overview of our methodology, please review our official whitepaper.

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Academic, Industry, and Peer Reviewed Papers.

External validation and independent research using our data have appeared in numerous academic, industry, and/or peer-reviewed publications, including:

Joel Rubinson

President, Rubinson Partners, OInc

Assessing the Validity of CivicScience Data

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Research Paper

M. Joseph Sirgy, Dong-Jin Lee, Grace B. Yu, Eda Gurel-Atay, John Tidwell, Ahmet Ekici

Self-expressiveness in shopping

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Research Paper

David Rothschild (Microsoft Research), Deepak Pathak (UCBerkeley), Miroslav Dudík (Microsoft Research)

A Comparison Of Forecasting Methods: Fundamentals, Polling, Prediction Markets, And Experts

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Research Paper

Lamar Pierce (Washington University), Todd Rogers (HarvardKennedy School), and Jason A. Snyder (UCLA)

The Intense Hedonic Consequences of Partisan Identity

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ESI White Paper

Penta-CivicScience Economic Sentiment Index: Consumer Confidence and the Economy

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Cornell Published Research Paper

Categorical Data Fusion Using Auxiliary Information

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Harvard Magazine

The Emotions of Election Day

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Harvard Magazine

Assessing the Impact of CEO Activism

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Select News Citations and Contributions

The following is a sample of respected outlets and journalists who have used CivicScience data in publication:

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The Truth Is Recession Feels Like It’s Already Here

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Most Americans Aren’t Paying Attention To The Monkeypox Outbreak

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New York Magazine

Republican Opposition to Ukraine Is Reaching Tipping Point

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Daily Caller

Biden Admin Will Spend Over $13 Billion To Bring Down Soaring Energy Bills

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Survey Finds 21% Of Dry January Participants Use Cannabis Instead Of Alcohol

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How Vuori Is Rising In Field Dominated by Nike, Lululemon—Behind The Activewear Brand’s Marketing

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Insider Intelligence

How to appeal to Gen Z holiday shoppers, based on data

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Wall Street Journal

Nike and Adidas Are Dipping Toes Into the NFT Market

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Go Banking Rates

These Are the Brands Gen Z Favors Most

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Fast Company

Job satisfaction among millennial and Gen Z workers just hit a new low point

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Academic & Scientific Leaders

Academic and Scientific References

Dr. Alessandro Acquisti

Associate Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy, Heinz College at the Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Ronnie Chatterji

Associate Professor, The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Dr. J. Lamar Pierce

Associate Professor of Strategy, Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Jeff Schneider

Research Professor, The Robotics Institute, School ofComputer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Jason Snyder

Assistant Professor – Policy Group, UCLA Andersen School of Management

Dr. George Loewenstein

Herbert A. Simon Professor of Economics and Psychology in the Social and Decision Sciences Department at Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Astro Teller

CEO of X

John Anzalone

Founder of Impact Research and Pollster for Biden 2021, Obama2008/2012, and Clinton 2016

Stuart Hoffman

Chief Economist, PNC Bank


Media and Journalist References

The following journalists and media executives are available to share their experience and assessment of CivicScience’s methodology and data quality for publishing purposes:

David Shribman

Executive Editor, Post-Gazette

Kevin McClatchy

Chairman, the McClatchy Company

David Broughton

Research Director, Sports Business Journal

Roberto Ruiz

EVP of Research, Insights, and Analytics at Univision

Rich Greenfield

Partner & TMT Analyst at LightShed Partners

Robert Wendt

Director, Research Strategy and Insights at SmithGeiger and Elevate