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We help marketers efficiently find and acquire high-value new customers.

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With billions of real-time, correlated attributes about consumers’ wants, needs, behaviors, and intentions, we’re uniquely capable of identifying persuadable customer segments and guiding winning customer acquisition strategies.

“CivicScience surfaced the one game-changing insight that our army of analysts, consultants, and agencies couldn’t find.”

David Feick
VP of Insights, T-Mobile

For T-Mobile, CivicScience uncovered a distinct cohort of early adopter consumers who were prone to switch from a competitive carrier in the coming months.

This insight was the driving force behind T-Mobile’s famed “Jump” campaign which sparked the company’s meteoric rise over the next eight years.

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Detect & React

When trends emerge, change, or news breaks, our clients are the first to know what it means for their business.

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we accurately forecast economic, market, category, and individual business outcomes with precise short-term and long-term accuracy.

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Activate & Measure

CivicScience powers and measures superior, cost-effective advertising campaigns across digital and CTV platforms.

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