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Want to understand the real-time attitudes and expectations of millions of American consumers in seconds?

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Sage, CivicScience’s AI insights assistant powered by ChatGPT technology, delivers detailed answers to your plain-English analytics questions, driven by our database of 5+ billion poll responses over the past decade.

Get up and running quickly with web, Slack, and Microsoft Teams versions of Sage. Or combine Sage with our InsightStore application to dive even deeper into CivicScience data.

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Access to both Sage and InsightStore
For enterprise-grade research needs, the combination of AI-driven insights from Sage with links into InsightStore to dive more deeply.
Natural language conversational insights
Access to live polling data across 100+ sites
5+ billion US consumer responses
2,000+ tracking research questions
500,000+ news and pop culture polling questions, with hundreds added daily
Excel exports of underlying data
Time series visualizations
Multilingual support
Web, Slack, and Microsoft Teams clients
Filter by date and demographic segments
Access to InsightStore to enable searching and reporting upon individual questions
Dedicated account and research support
Exportable graphics for presentations
Launch same-day custom questions
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Volume discounts for multiple seat licenses are available upon request

Why is Sage the next generation of consumer insights?

Listen to 500,000 American consumers each day

Sage is tied into our live database with hundreds of brand trackers and thousands of questions about the latest trends. All cross-tabbed by key demographic attributes.

Use familiar company chat applications

If you can chat, you can use Sage, which ties into your Slack or Teams systems. Prefer a standalone chat app? We have that, too.

Export detailed question response data to Excel

Use Sage to quickly narrow the field of investigation and switch to Excel to dive deeper into analysis. 

Visualize results with graphs

When a detailed text description and data downloads aren’t enough, Sage can chart results to show trends over time. 

Converse in more than a dozen languages

Sage understands inputs in many languages and can translate English responses into the user’s preferred language.

Deeper analysis in InsightStore

For CivicScience customers of our core platform, Sage provides footnotes for each insight linking to InsightStore pages that unlock other analytical tools.