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We power the world's opinions and share them with the companies and decision-makers who care.


Every day, we survey millions of real people - in a privacy-friendly way - about thousands of different topics and issues.

Proprietary Technology

Then, our proprietary technology turns real-time data into fast, forward-looking, and deep consumer and market intelligence.

Who do we help?

Consumer Insights Professionals

Consumer Insights Professionals love CivicScience because we help them do their jobs faster and more efficiently – by streamlining data collection and reporting, so they can focus on important things like strategy and recommendations.

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Media Publishers & Ad Sales

Media Publishers and Ad Sales Professionals love CivicScience because we help them win advertising dollars – by telling a unique story about their audience and becoming a value-added partner for their customers.

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Advertising & Media Agencies

Advertising and Media Agencies love CivicScience because we help them win and retain clients – by developing brilliant creative, media planning, and targeting strategies.

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Financial Services Organizations

Investors and analysts love CivicScience because we help them gauge and predict consumer trends, economic sentiment, and company performance in real-time.

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Supported Industries

Media & Entertainment

Most people would assume the largest social and multimedia companies already know everything about their audience. They don’t. They use CivicScience to fill in the blanks. Fast.

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The leading quick-service and casual restaurant chains rely on our extensive industry tracking and custom research to evaluate new products, strategies, and campaigns.

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Food, Beverage, & CPG

We’re nearly certain you have products in your fridge, your bar, or your pantry from the brands that use CivicScience for product innovation, forecasting, and media planning.

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Apparel & Retail

We track and report on dozens of name-brand clothiers, manufacturers, and stores - as well as the shopping trends that are changing by the minute.

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Consumer Technology

Even your parents have heard of the companies that use CivicScience to study trends in television, phones, sound systems, wearables, and home automation.

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Healthcare, Insurance, & Banking

The biggest names in the most competitive industries look to CivicScience to study and attract switchers, retain business, and grow accounts.

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What Everyone Is Saying

  • With CivicScience, we get the best of both worlds: the speed and customization of primary research plus the scope of knowing the consumer through secondary research - but without the massive expense.

    VP of Insights for a Media Sales Company
  • CivicScience is our go-to solution for early and fast consumer trend intelligence and for helping us with future product innovation planning

    Global Insights Manager for a CPG Manufacturer
  • We turn to CivicScience for answers we can't quickly get anywhere else and when we need to know the 'right-now' mindset and intentions of consumers - to help us deliver better content and products.

    VP of Consumer Research for a Major Media Company
  • Our ad sales team relies on CivicScience's rich audience intelligence to identify new potential clients, strengthen pitches, and provide value-added insights to key advertisers. They have become a crucial part of our sales process.

    CEO of Major Blog Network
  • CivicScience helps us achieve rapid speed in knowing the current consumer pulse and understanding those who react better to certain marketing offers. We can thoroughly track consumer pain points and bring more successful solutions to the market.

    Director of Consumer Insights for a Tech Brand
  • CivicScience adds a level of depth and speed of insight about our audience that we simply can't get from other analytics and audience measurement tools we use.

    Producer & Publisher for a Major Online Media Site

Some of our partners & customers

We'd love to show you logos for the dozens of name-brand companies we work with. But we can't. Confidentiality is paramount to our business.

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