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Attitudes change before behaviors do.

That’s why we track consumers’ needs, wants, hopes, fears, and intentions at unprecedented speed and scale – to detect unanticipated trends before they happen, react quickly to breaking news, predict business and market performance, pinpoint and conquest persuadable consumers, and activate and measure high-yield marketing strategies.

Our Solutions

Detect and React

When trends emerge, change, or news breaks, our clients are the first to know what it means for their business.

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Uncover, track, and predict the hidden consumer trends that explain “the why” behind company and market performance.

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Pinpoint and Conquest

Identify persuadable customer segments – in the moment – and guide winning acquisition strategies.

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Activate and Measure

CivicScience powers and measures superior advertising campaigns across digital and CTV platforms.

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How It Works

We’ve revolutionized survey research through an elegant, transparent, value-exchange with publishers and web/mobile users.

4 + Million

Over 4 million U.S. survey responses daily.

500k Questions

Over 500k searchable and cross-able questions, hundreds added daily.


Advanced AI capabilities, tools, & professional services.

Predictive Power

Proven predictive power and quantifiable marketing ROI.

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About Us

How We Work

Whether you like to interact with elegant tools, ingest data into your own platform, or have everything done for you – by humans or machines – CivicScience is built to work the way you want to work.

InsightStore + Sage SaaS and AI Tools

Full Service Reporting White Glove Service

Data Exportation Raw Data Files and APIs

Managed Ad Services Delivery and Measurement

The Consumer Insights Newsletter for Executives

What We’re Seeing (WWS)

Join the thousands of business leaders that read the WWS every week.

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“John’s Saturday morning column lives somewhere between insight served up like a tasting menu at a Michelin Star restaurant and Saturday Night Live opening monologue of self-deprecating humor. It’s the only thing that challenges my coffee for the first thing I do on Saturday.”

Bracken Darrell

CEO, Logitech

“You know you’ve made it when what you did on Friday shows up in JD’s email on Saturday morning.”

Rob Lynch

President and CEO, Papa John’s International

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