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With the 2024 presidential election getting closer by the day, the CivicScience Election Mindset Tracker continues to monitor the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of American voters. Extending beyond surface-level polling, CivicScience is diving into the ramifications of politics on the economy, market trends, and overall well-being.  

Here are three insights to know about the upcoming election.  

The majority of Americans say their vote will not be swayed by criminal convictions. 

Neither the recent conviction of Donald Trump nor that of Hunter Biden have largely swayed voters’ decisions. Among the candidates’ supporters, only a small minority (5-6%) say recent criminal convictions will lead them to reconsider their vote. In fact, in the case of those who were planning to vote for Trump before May 30, his recent convictions have actually solidified their support of him, sustaining his 6-7 point lead over President Biden.

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Attention to political events increased significantly in June. 

June was a month of big political events, not the least of which was the first presidential debate. As a result, it may not be a surprise to see that Americans were paying more attention to political events last month than they have in several months. 

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Republicans largely approve of the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity from criminal prosecution.  

U.S. adults are more likely to disagree than agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling granting presidents immunity from criminal prosecution for “official acts” they undertake while in office. The largest percentage of those in agreement are Republicans, compared to 20% of Democrats who also agree with the decision. 

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