CivicScience data has proven to predict everything from economic measures to retail sales and media consumption with extraordinary accuracy.


Our Solutions

Combining proprietary historical data and ML/AI models, we accurately forecast economic, market, category, and individual business outcomes with short-term and long-term precision.

Rich machine-learning models, constructed from multitudes of attitudinal variables in our database, enable marketers and investors to explain, predict, and influence consumer behavior and market outcomes. As AI and LLM technology matures, these capabilities will grow exponentially.

“We definitely wouldn’t have been able to thrive through the early days of the pandemic without the insights we were getting from CivicScience”

Morgan Flatley
Global CMO, McDonald’s

In the early weeks of COVID, CivicScience identified attitudes among McDonald’s customers that proved to be predictive of in-store versus drive-thru versus delivery behavior in different regions of the U.S.

These insights enabled McDonald’s to quickly pivot company strategy and messaging, while outfitting their massive network of franchisees with tactical guidance.

This insight and agility enabled McDonald’s sales and investment performance to excel throughout the pandemic.

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