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Declared first-party data from CivicScience powers efficient, high-performing advertising across digital and CTV.

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Combining responsibly-sourced, high-fidelity audience data, predictive modeling, and a marketplace of brand-safe media partners, we’re building a future-proof advertising platform for a privacy-first future.

CivicScience Advertising vastly outperforms legacy targeting, and is based on a consented relationship with premium publishers and users.

CivicScience’s fully anonymized, self-reported audience attitudes, intent, and profile data powers significantly improved ad engagement and conversion over industry-standard methods and legacy third-party datasets.

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“By uncovering this larger persuadable audience and incorporating CivicScience insights into our targeting scheme, we delivered huge results for Sonos at their most crucial time of the year.”

Bob Gruters
Group Head of Sales, Facebook

For Sonos, CivicScience detected a late-breaking shift in the profile of home audio category intenders, leading up to the holiday shopping season.

Using these insights, Facebook built a refined targeting campaign for Sonos that achieved an 81% lift over prior ad engagement, while growing the addressable audience by over 50%.

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