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Check out our modern, innovative approach to real-time consumer research, personalized to your needs.

Through a modern-day polling technique and easy-to-use platform, we provide fast, forward-looking, and deep consumer research services to the world’s leading brands, media companies, agencies, and investors.

We are fundamentally changing the way companies find and use consumer research with our leading intelligent polling and real-time consumer insights platform. Our trusted, scientifically-validated data is sourced by partnerships with hundreds of premier websites, who use our polling applications to survey millions of people each week.

“CivicScience lets me ask questions that get to the heart of my investing themes and see what’s happening in the marketplace quickly and accurately. CivicScience data is predictive AND actionable.” - Mark Cuban

We help marketing professionals, agencies, consumer insights professionals, executives, financial and investment firms, and media publishers in the Apparel & Retail, Consumer Technology, Food, Beverage, and CPG, Healthcare, Insurance, & Banking, Media & Entertainment, and Restaurant industries leverage real-time consumer insights to make strategic, market-changing business decisions.