Hi, I’m Luke and I’m 9 years old. I’m here at CivicScience for Take Your Kid to Work Day. My research topic today is the debate about the U.S.A. Women’s soccer team and the U.S.A. Men’s soccer team’s pay. I chose this topic because I love to play soccer. It’s not right that just because men might be bigger and stronger that women should get paid less.

In the 2014 World Cup, the U.S. Men’s team barely made the World Cup and only made it to the top 16 and the team made 9 million dollars. But the U.S. Women’s team made it to the World Cup in 2015 and won but only got paid 2 million dollars. That’s a 7 million dollars difference even though the women’s team got farther and won the World Cup.

On the CivicScience site, I found a question about the women’s and men’s soccer teams.women-soccer-team-outshine-men-team

The data shows that 58% out of 3,608 people say that the U.S.A. Women’s soccer team is better than the men’s team and 10% disagree. And 32% have no opinion. I feel that these results are correct. The U.S.A. Women’s soccer team has outshined the men’s team because the women won the World Cup and the men didn’t.

I feel that the results are correct because the women are better. Even though the men are stronger and faster, that doesn’t mean that the girls are worse. For example, in the turtle and the hare, the hare is way, way faster than the turtle but the turtle still beats him in the race, with no head starts. The turtle should get paid better than the hare. I hope that FIFA will make the U.S.A. Women’s team have the same pay as the U.S. Men’s team.