Things took an unexpected turn during Monday’s 70th Annual Emmy Awards when “The Handmaid’s Tale” director Glenn Weiss not only won the Emmy for outstanding directing for a variety special, but he also proposed to his girlfriend, Jan Svendsen live during the ceremony. (She said ‘Yes’!)

Sure, most of us aren’t the recipient of an Emmy award or using the moment to propose, but research firm CivicScience wondered: what’s the general temperature on getting publicly engaged?

CivicScience asked 1,004 respondents their take.

70% of respondents wouldn’t want to have a public proposal.

Of those who are into the idea, 60% are women.

The most social media-driven age group is all about a public proposal.

Millennials are the group driving the ‘yes’ answer choice and are the more likely generation (by a long shot) to be keen on a public engagement.

It very well could be that the generation whose social media feeds are an extension of themselves likes to have an audience for just about everything. Or, it’s just their normal.