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Netflix has dabbled in streaming live events, from a Chris Rock stand-up performance to the botched “Love Is Blind” reunion special, which was marred by technical difficulties earlier this year. But the streaming company is charging ahead with live sports nonetheless, with reports that Netflix plans to stream a celebrity golf tournament featuring pro golfers and Formula One racers. Both sports are the subject of buzzy docuseries on the platform.

CivicScience gauged consumer interest in the celebrity golf tournament stream, and it stands to draw a fair amount of interest. Just under one-quarter of U.S. adults are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to watch the event, with 6% clocking in at ‘very likely.’ 

Netflix hasn’t yet secured streaming contracts for any of the major sports, in the way that Amazon Prime, Peacock, and Apple TV+ have prioritized in recent years. But it made an attempt to synergize its Formula One fanbase with a bid for the sport’s exclusive streaming rights last year, before losing out to ESPN.

If Netflix continues to go down this route of live-streaming sports, it could be a popular move among subscribers. Nearly three-in-ten U.S. adults are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to watch live sports on Netflix in the future (with 7% claiming to be ‘very likely’ – just a hair higher than interest in the celebrity golf event). 

Netflix subscribers over-index at the highest interest level (12% are ‘very likely’ to watch live sports on the platform), and more live sports contracts could incentivize non-subscribers to sign up – 23% in that camp are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to watch sports on Netflix.

As Netflix fights tooth and nail to grow its subscriber base, through moves like password-sharing crackdowns, expect new forays into live events – and specifically live sporting events – to be yet another tool the company deploys in the coming years.