You could probably guess that Ford fans are more likely to prefer American made cars. In fact, they are 7X more likely to prefer to purchase an American made car over a European made car and over 13X more likely to prefer an American made car over an Asian made car. But would you have been able to guess these facts about a Ford lover?

  1. Ford fans are 63% more likely to love Will Smith.
  2. They are 20% more likely to always compare prices before deciding to buy a product.
  3. Ford lovers are 68% more likely to love or like State Farm Insurance
  4. Ford fans are 18% more likely to purchase an SUV next, over 2X more likely to plan to purchase a truck next, and 36% less likely to purchase a sedan as their next car.
  5. They are 55% more likely than others to say their favorite Monopoly game piece is the Battleship.
  6. They are 20% more likely to say value/price is most important when buying a car.
  7. They are 22% more likely than others to say they are taller than people their age and gender.
  8. They are 29% more likely to say yardwork is their favorite household chore.
  9. They are 19% more likely to say that ads on TV have the most influence on what they buy, where they eat, and the movies / TV shows they watch.
  10. Lastly, Ford fans are 51% more likely to say they watch the Fox network the most among the major TV networks.