Sandra Bullock is one of the most popular and well known actors in the world. In fact, 74% of all people say they love or like Sandra Bullock, ranking her among the most popular celebrities we have ever tracked. But who are her biggest fans? Naturally, you could guess that a Bullock fan is more likely to be a female who goes to the movies regularly. But did you know this?

1.  They are 60% more likely than average to love Honda cars

2.  Bullock fans are 59% more likely to love Nike shoes

3.  They are 43% more likely than average to love Google

4.  They are 32% more likely to enjoy Yoplait yogurt

5.  They are 20% more likely to be very concerned about income inequality in the U.S.

6.  They are 144% more likely to be a dog person rather than a cat person

7.  Bullock Fans are 22% more likely to consider themselves to be overweight

8.  Sandra Bullock fans are 28% more likely to choose “Rock” when playing Rock, Paper, Scissors

9.  They are 56% more likely to prefer Coke over Pepsi

10. They are 28% more likely than average to be a registered Democrat