Welcome to another installment of CivicScience’s tracking insights into the most important and current trends in America today, as seen through the lens of different brands each week. CivicScience regularly tracks thousands of brands through the InsightStore™, which gathers over 4 million U.S. survey responses daily. This week, we studied over 900,000 Arby’s customers to preview our capabilities.

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Here are 3 Things to Know about Arby’s Customers this week:

#1: Arby’s new meal inspired by “Good Burger 2” could generate more foot traffic from Paramount+ users. CivicScience data show that about half of Paramount+ users and intenders are Arby’s fans – outpacing the same figure among those who don’t stream on Paramount+ (43%).
#2: Similarly, Paramount+ could anticipate some Arby’s customers to stream “Good Burger 2”. Among Arby’s fans, 36% subscribe to Paramount+, and another 7% don’t plan to sign up.
#3: Embracing the nostalgia around Good Burger could be a big win for Arby’s. Sixty-five percent of Arby’s customers say nostalgia influences the products they purchase at least ‘a little’ – 14 points higher than non-customers.

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