Every week, CivicScience continually tracks current and anticipated consumer trends. Here are three key insights marketers should know this week. All insights are derived from the CivicScience SPEC Report, an exclusive weekly report covering relevant social, political, economic, and cultural trends to help brands better understand and communicate with consumers.

1. Jobless claims fell, but concern about employment remains among Hispanic and Black Americans. 

The economy received positive news on the employment front as jobless claims fell in the past week. Economists say the labor market remains strong but employment situation on an individual basis remains a concern for Americans.

The latest CivicScience data find levels of concern are not equal, as a majority of Hispanic (58%) and Black (52%) American consumers report they’re ‘somewhat’ or ‘very concerned’ about their employment situation. Only 1-in-3 (34%) of White American consumers say they feel the same. 

It was recently announced that U.S. e-commerce retail topped $1 trillion for the first time ever in 2022. CivicScience data finds roughly 3-in-4 consumers prefer to shop for certain products online rather than in store.

Among the Gen Pop, clothing/footwear/apparel and electronics are the top categories for online shopping. Adults aged 34 and under are more likely to shop online for furniture, groceries and electronics, while those 55 and older are more likely to shop for clothing and household items online.

3. A majority of Americans support the Biden Administration’s approval of oil drilling in Alaska, though Republicans are nearly twice as likely as Democrats to support it.

The Biden administration recently approved the Willow oil drilling project in Alaska. While CivicScience data show a majority of Americans agree with this decision, less than half of Democrats (44%) are on board. Republicans (83%) overwhelmingly support the move, along with just over half (51%) of Independents. See the full breakdown in the report.

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