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It’s that time of the year for sports fans: College football and the NFL are in full swing, the MLB playoffs are around the corner, and the NBA and NHL are soon to start up again. NCAA basketball is not too far away, either. Not to be forgotten, several other college sports are also currently in season as well. It all means there is plenty of sports content to go around, especially if you happen to use ESPN+, which offers live streaming of all the aforementioned sports. But just how many are using the streaming service to watch their favorite sport as the busy sports season kicks off?

The latest CivicScience data show 27% of U.S. adults aware of ESPN+ say they use the sports streaming platform – a percentage that has ticked up by two percentage points since September 2022. Another 5% don’t currently use it but intend to do so at some point in the future. So, how can you spot an ESPN+ user? Here are five key insights about ESPN+ users, according to the CivicScience InsightStore: