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Do you ever wonder what goes bump in the night? It’s fall, which means pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and scary movies. In fact, 27% of Halloween celebrators will be watching ‘scary movies’ to get into the holiday spirit this year. Some people love the rush of adrenaline from watching a movie about the apocalypse, ghosts, or a murderer, while others prefer more light-hearted entertainment, such as comedy. Among horror fans, psychological horror (57%), monster-themed horror (49%), and horror-comedy (47%) rank highest on the list. 

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Current CivicScience data show that nearly 60% of Americans say they enjoy watching at least one type of horror subgenre, rising to 83% among Gen Z adults. However, just 10% of U.S. adults 18+ consider horror to be their favorite movie genre. People who love horror movies tend to exhibit distinctly different traits and consumer behaviors. Here are just five ways that horror movie fans differ from other people: 

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