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CivicScience continues to unearth areas where consumer behavior changed during the pandemic, and frozen entree consumption emerges as yet another noteworthy example. CivicScience data show the percentage of Americans who eat frozen meals increased during the pandemic. Today, 60% U.S. adults say they turn to a frozen meal at least once a week – 45% eating between one and two, while 15% eat three or more in a week. Notably, younger consumers, particularly Gen Z adults (18-24), are at the forefront of this trend, with 80% partaking in at least one frozen meal weekly – 30 percentage points higher than their Gen X counterparts.

So, what differentiates those up for a heat-and-eat frozen entree? Here are five key insights about people who eat at least one frozen entree a week, according to the CivicScience InsightStore: