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Elon Musk has had a lot on his plate lately, but one long-anticipated, show-stopping development in the Tesla realm appears to be nearing fruition. In 2019, Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, their first electric pickup, initially targeting a 2021 launch. Delays due to design changes and COVID-19 repeatedly pushed its debut. However, there appear to be signs of progress for the electric vehicle —  the first model recently completed production, and Musk hopes to ramp up production in 2024. A Tesla semi was recently spotted hauling a test version of the Cybertruck, further fueling the buzz of an imminent ramp up. 

The polarizing design aside, how keen are consumers on the long-awaited Cybertruck, with production soon to shift into high gear? CivicScience data show three-fourths of Americans either aren’t a fan of the vehicle (33%) or haven’t seen any of the Cybertruck design/imagery (42%). Six percent say they either plan to or already have put a deposit down, while nearly one-in-five like the electric vehicle but don’t plan to buy one.

Here’s how those favorable to the Cybertruck differ from those who don’t like Tesla’s imminent electric pickup: