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Poll responses are for informational purposes only and are not intended to provide advice or recommendations. Some questions use AI to suggest relevant text. All questions are reviewed, edited, and published by the CivicScience editorial team with decades of expertise in journalism and media.


CivicScience is a next-generation polling and market intelligence company. Through a proprietary, scientifically valid online survey methodology, we gather and implement consumer research. Our methodology and data quality have been extensively tested and validated by leading experts in academia, industry, and economics.

For a detailed overview of our methodology, please review our official whitepaper here. 

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Protecting the privacy of our users is important to us.

CivicScience collects the answers you provide when taking polls and attaches them to your response history. We use this information to ask you relevant questions, to make your entire poll response history available to you, and to show you how you compare to people like you. This also ensures that your answers are counted in our market research.

If you prefer that we do not save your poll response history, you may opt-out by visiting the response history page. Please note this page is only able to display your poll history for this browser on this computer. If you use more than one computer, browser, or browser profile, you will need to delete your poll history and/or opt-out of cookies on each computer, browser, and browser profile you use.

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