In an unprecedented move, Amazon will host the second members-only sale in the vein of Prime Day this year. This time, it’s called “Prime Early Access Sale,” and will run from October 11-12 – for an early head start on holiday shopping.

Compared to the last time CivicScience tracked Prime Day expectations, the Early Access Sale looks to be a similarly busy shopping event for Prime members. More than six-in-ten Prime members have at least some intention to shop during next week’s sale (n=1,572).

Slightly more Prime members have at least some intention to shop during the Early Access Sale, and a higher percentage know exactly what they want. That said, nearly twice as many Americans haven’t heard of the Prime Early Access Sale compared to Prime Day – which makes the similar level of interest all the more impressive.

The holiday season is gradually coming into sight, but shoppers’ specific item preferences are pretty similar to the summer Prime event. As expected, outdoor items are down, but toys and gaming are slightly up. Beauty and health products also see a noticeable increase from the summer to the fall sale.

Although the shopping plan hasn’t drastically changed for many Prime members, gift-buying is certainly on the agenda for a significant percentage of shoppers. Nearly 30% of Prime Early Access shoppers intend to buy gifts during the sale – and just 17% claim to be specifically shopping for items other than gifts. The majority are still undecided, but even a slim margin of gift-buying defectors could give that subgroup a healthy plurality.

The early holiday shoppers also tend to skew younger, with 40% of Gen Z Prime Early Access buyers intending to pick up gifts. They’re also the most likely to not shop for gifts, which might just mean the younger set has a clearer game plan ahead of the shopping event regardless of intent. Nearly one-third of the 25-to-34 set also plan to shop for gifts, but every older age group falls below the Gen Pop’s intent to holiday shop.

Although it’s uncharted ground, the new cousin to Prime Day seems well-poised to potentially exceed that event’s sales numbers – thanks in no small part to the holiday head start. As the conventional Black Friday market erodes from view (or just moves up on the calendar), events like the Prime Early Access Sale are sure to become more commonplace for e-commerce titans.