Together with CoxReps, we presented our initial insights into the 2017 TV Upfronts today. By the way, we would like to extend a huge thank you to all who attended. We know you’re busy.

For those of you who couldn’t attend, we’re happy to provide a quick recap. At the end, you can also download the full deck that we presented from. In short, each upcoming show was ranked based on the strength of audience intent to tune in. It’s important to note, however, that our initial insights cannot forecast how the shows will perform, due to limited audience awareness, the marketing that has yet to unfold, etc.

We analyzed 14 shows to forecast the intended audience, and to see which advertisers stand to benefit the most. The repertoire includes:

The Good Doctor (ABC)
The Gospel of Kevin (ABC)
The Mayor (ABC)
Me, Myself, and I (CBS)
Seal Team (CBS)
Wisdom of the Crowd (CBS)
Dynasty (CW)
The Gifted (FOX)
The Orville (FOX)
The Resident (FOX)|
The Brave (NBC)
The Champions (NBC)
The Valor (CW)

So, what did we find? Each major network has at least one show among the 6 shows with the highest audience intent to watch, and at least one show among the bottom 6. One of the shows we analyzed revealed the viewers were 134% more likely than average to be “very bullish” about the U.S. stock market.  Another show’s viewers are 76% more likely to own or operate their own business. Can you guess which show’s viewers are 37% LESS likely to stream TV shows online or which show’s viewers are  95% LESS likely to have cable/broadband service.  These great insights and many more are available in the full deck below.

Spoiler alert(s):
1) Interest seems to be highest and most diverse among action/drama shows.
2) NBC seems to have appealed to the youngest audience.
3) Niche audiences = Higher brand affinities