Last week, CivicScience profiled Twitch users and took a quick look at favorable brands. This week, we explore more brands and brand comparisons among Twitch users. Read on to get all of the juicy details.

Even though CivicScience data shows that Twitch viewers hover around just 10% of the U.S. population (ages 13+), the live streaming platform is at the helm of the growing trend of live video game streaming platforms. Certain non-gaming brands (like Bounty paper towels) have taken notice and are starting to advertise the site.

Coke vs Pepsi

A Bounty ad on the Twitch platform depicts gamers or Twitch users spilling drinks while viewing or gaming, and using a paper towel to clean it up. Curious minds want to know — what exactly are the drinks that Twitch users might be spilling?

When it comes to soft drinks, Coke is favored by the majority of viewers, nearly 30% more than non-viewers.

By comparison, Pepsi is only favored by a little over one-quarter of viewers, and is favored less than non-viewers.

RedBull or Coffee?

When a caffeine fix is in order, Twitch viewers might first reach for coffee — over half say they drink coffee most days or every day.

However, more than one-third of viewers are favorable to the energy drink Red Bull. That’s over three times more favorable than non-viewers.

Down with Doritos

Nearly two-thirds of Twitch viewers are favorable to Doritos chips. That’s good news for both Doritos and Bounty.

Health-Conscious and Environmentally-Friendly Products

While Twitch viewers may like sugar and junk food, they are still more likely to buy organic food than non-viewers.

They’re also more likely to prioritize environmentally-friendly products.

Twitch is Niche

Finally, Twitch viewers are very much ahead of the game in terms of owning augmented reality and virtual reality products. Nearly one-quarter of viewers own a VR product. That’s three times more likely than non-viewers.

Twitch viewers represent a small segment of the population. They are likely to be heavy gamers and early tech adopters, but they also have their own set of brand tendencies and unique quirks.

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