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Walk into any food court in the U.S. and what’s one smell you’re almost guaranteed to find? The enticing aromas of Cinnabon. The sweet and cinnamon-y treat has made a name for itself for decades as a mall-time snack, with 36% of U.S. adults currently favorable towards the brand.

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Of course, malls aren’t what they once were. So in light of consumer changes, how has Cinnabon evolved? The answer seems to be with partnerships. Cinnabon has a long list of restaurant partners who serve the branded treats, one of the most recent being its partnership with Pizza Hut. But are Cinnabon consumers on board? A look at the data provides mouth-watering details. 

As it stands, Cinnabon fans skew slightly younger, with adults aged 25-34 ranking as the biggest fans of the brand. And despite also showing strong favorability, Gen Z is the most likely to have never heard of the company. 

Cinnabon x Pizza: A Perfect Pair 

Although it may come as a surprise, Cinnabon fans and pizza fans share commonalities beyond their preference for circular foods. Among major pizza chains, Pizza Hut ranks at the top, with 54% of Pizza Hut customers also enjoying Cinnabon, which is a good sign for the current brand collaboration now offering Cinnabon Mini Rolls at Pizza Hut.  

Domino’s and Papa John’s customers aren’t far behind, however, as 51% of both groups also enjoy a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. 

Cinnabon for Breakfast

As it turns out, the good news for Cinnabon doesn’t stop there. Interest in eating fast food for breakfast has grown alongside QSR competition in the breakfast space, with 53% of U.S. adults now saying they eat fast-food breakfast at least once per month, up from 51% this time last year. Cinnabon customers are more likely to eat a fast-food breakfast than the Gen Pop: 69% eat it at least once per month, with 24% who partake four or more times monthly. Cinnabon already has a partnership with Wendy’s, highlighting how exploring fast-food breakfast territory is a good move for the company.

Clearly, Cinnabon is on a roll. With partnerships perfectly poised to attract ideal customers, the former mall-favorite treat is pushing the limits with the potential for very sweet results. 

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