CivicScience reaches millions of consumers who share valuable opinions and experiences with us every day. The Trend Adoption Tracker monitors emerging products, services, and trends across several categories over time. Click on awareness, intent, and ownership at the top of each chart to toggle between views and observe when certain types of products are experiencing growth, reaching a plateau / mainstream acceptance, or are on the way out.

The Latest Trend Adoption Insights

    • Smartwatch ownership dipped by 3 percentage points from last quarter, with intent and awareness remaining flat. This may indicate saturation in the marketplace.
    • AI voice assistant and smart speaker intent and ownership both show declines in intent and ownership from Q2 to Q3. This appears to have brought down intent and ownership of smart home products.
    • Awareness of CBD products has seen a large increase in awareness among US adults since the end of 2018. Along with this, usage of CBD continues to increase steadily, as intent levels off.
    • Buying products directly through social media continues to gain popularity among US adults. This appears to have become a more popular direct-to-consumer channel as making these types of purchases has increased by 8 percentage points among consumers since Q4 2018.

This is the first of a quarterly series of trend adoption reports. Check back in January 2020 for Q4 2019 data.