New CivicScience data show that, compared to when the Delta and Omicron variants both showed up in the U.S., concern about the newly emerging ‘Stealth Omicron’ sub-variant is significantly lower. That could change, however, if/when cases begin spreading more rapidly in the U.S. Concern about being in public spaces also remains relatively low, especially compared to when the Delta and Omicron variants first emerged. 

Even as prices rise, more people are planning to travel in the next month as we approach vacation season. In fact, compared to this time last year, consumers are significantly more likely to have travel planned (56% now versus just 42% this time last year).

Comfort resuming normal activities increased this week for all measured activities, except for returning to work, which decreased slightly; however, it’s likely not because of COVID concerns.

Recent data shows that many workers are looking to work remotely to save on rising gas prices.

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