CivicScience data shows overall consumer concern about being in public spaces declined by seven percentage points this week, approaching–but not quite yet reaching–pre-Delta lows.

Comfort has continued to increase for all measured consumer activities, with comfort remaining the highest for shopping in stores (72%) and going out to eat (71%).

As temperatures rise across the country, an increasing percentage of people are reporting that they plan to dine at a restaurant in the next week.

Attention Shifts to Ukraine

As CivicScience reported last week, the war is impacting the overall wellbeing of Americans, and it’s no surprise as to why: more than 90% of U.S. adults report they are following news about the Russia-Ukraine war at least somewhat closely right now.

Furthermore, 95% percent of the general population report they’re at least somewhat concerned about the war, with the fear of cyber threats being the biggest concern, followed by personal finances and safety. 

The majority of consumers (81%) strongly agree that companies should stop selling products and/or offering services in Russia right now.

Although Democrats are more likely to agree that companies should stop selling products / services in Russia right now, close to 80% of Republicans also agree with this sentiment, showing the extent to which this issue is uniting Americans overall.

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