The CDC revised its mask guidance last week despite vaccination status in an effort to curb the spread of the Delta variant. With that, it’s not surprising that some people’s comfort levels have been shifting. This week, CivicScience tracking data show that more U.S. adults are concerned about being in public spaces right now: nearly 20% are “very concerned” – the highest that response category has reached since early April. 

Turns out, these shifts are likely being driven by heightened concern around the Delta variant, which has been steadily climbing every week. 

After months of improvement, comfort traveling has started to decline. Overall, only around half of U.S. adults are comfortable traveling right now, which has been consistently decreasing for the last month or so. 

Unsurprisingly, this also has to do with concern about the Delta variant. 

Demographic data show that the decrease in comfort traveling is more so being driven by grandparents and those without any children, with parents now being the most comfortable doing so.

Higher-income households remain more comfortable traveling right now, but by an even wider margin than one month ago when overall comfort was higher. 

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