Economic sentiment increased over the past two weeks after reaching its lowest point since October 2022 in the last reading. The Penta-CivicScience Economic Sentiment Index (ESI) rose 0.9 points to 33.4.

Three of the ESI’s five indicators increased over the past two weeks. Confidence in the overall U.S. economy increased the most, rising 2.8 points to 33.6 — its second largest single-reading increase of the year.

—Confidence in making a major purchase rose 1.3 points to 22.5.
—Confidence in personal finances rose 0.6 points to 51.8.
—Confidence in finding a new job fell 0.3 points to 39.2.
—Confidence in buying a new home fell 0.4 points to 19.5 — its lowest point since November 2022.

View the full reading here. Learn more about the CivicScience Economic Sentiment Index here.

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