CivicScience has long been known for our “addicting” polls that help online content publishers improve visitor time-on-site, while collecting valuable research insights at the same time. Now, CivicScience Quizzes are available to bring more variety to publishers’ visitor engagement strategies.

Formally announced today in a press release, our quizzes offer free out-of-the-box solutions for our current publisher partners and new ones who’d like to take advantage of the offering. We already offer a number of trivia-style quizzes from which to choose, including:

  • Star Wars
  • Winter Weather
  • Holiday Hits
  • Young & Famous
  • Pro Sports
  • TV of Yesterday & Today
  • Current Events
  • Grammar

We can also build custom quizzes for your needs, such as if you have a special feature or focus going on editorially that you’d like to enhance. We’ve done this already for a few of our publisher partners with great results.

Like our polls, the quizzes mix in research-value questions along with the ‘engaging’ questions (in this case, they are trivia questions). Respondents get to see the results at the end of each question cycle, and then they can continue to answer even more trivia and research questions without leaving the publisher’s page.

You can play around with our actual quizzes on our testing and development website, the fictitious Herald Bugle.


If you’d like to learn more about adding quizzes to your site, please contact Annette Brady at